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What do school helpers do?

School helpers are some of the most necessary roles in the PTO!

Lending a hand can make a huge difference for our Glen Loch teachers and students!

Morning Car Line:

Helping with the car line in the morning makes everyone's day a little easier! This simple 30 minute volunteer shift from 7:30 to 8:00am is a quick and easy way to help. Our volunteers assist students with car doors, grabbing their backpacks, and assuring they walk safely into the building. All of our parents appreciate a smooth transition!

Lunch Helpers:

Helping during lunch time can make a Gator's Day! Our kiddos get 30 minutes for lunch; any time saved by helping students unpack lunch items (or maybe cleaning the occasional small spill) is giving our students a bit more time to enjoy their lunch and chat with their friends.

Seasonal Events:

A few times a year the school will host seasonal events. PTO helpers can assist in decorating, organizing, serving and clean-up at these events while still having plenty of time to enjoy attending them with your kiddo. All hands helping means more fun to be had!
School Picture Day:

Volunteers provide a lot of help to picture day photographers, coordinating student info and order forms, assisting teachers and classes during the photo taking process, and  even taking care of last minute touch-ups.